Book your bicycle ticket in SNCF trains

A train ticket for you and your bicycle !

Transporting bicycles on trains

For other details, see our page dedicated to trains & bikes in France.

How to book your bike ticket online?

  • Use the train search engine on the website
  • Enter your journey
  • Expand the search panel to display more criteria

book bike train ticket

  • Select "Add bikes" at bottom left

Book bike train ticket

  • Select "1 non folded or disassembled bike"

Book bike train ticket 3

⚠️TER journeys: do not select "non folded or disassembled bike"

As TER trains do not require to reserve a bike space (with some exceptions during the summer in Brittany and on ViaRhôna), when you reserve a ticket for a TER journey, you must select the "No bike" option.

If your journey includes connections (e.g. 1 TGV with bike space + 1 TER), you must book your tickets separately. Book the train tickets with a paying bike space on one side and the TER on the other.