La vallée de la Mayenne à vélo
Chemin de halage de la Mayenne à vélo vers Entrammes © J. Damase - Mayenne
A vélo avec les enfants en direction de Laval © J. Damase - Mayenne
Port of Mayenne by bike © J. Damase - Mayenne

The Mayenne Valley by bike

Canals & intimate rivers
Short trip
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174 km from Domfront to Angers on La Vélo Francette

This section of the cycle route La Vélo Francette takes you beside no less than four rivers: the Varenne, Mayenne, Oudon and Maine. This cascading series of rivers leads you, via various confluences, towards France’s most regal river, the Loire. Cyclists enjoy a panoply of northwest France’s riverbanks this way, along with happy hikers, riders, and people out angling and boating.


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Canals & intimate rivers
Short trip