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La Loire à Vélo from Angers to Nantes

[ Cycle route EuroVelo 6 ]
  • 107 km

This EuroVelo 6 section, shared with the Loire à Vélo route, goes through western Anjou, with its many rivers and wetlands, then into the Pays Nantais and the great city of Nantes. After Ancenis, the Loire broadens, its valley widens and its fresh waters mix with salty Atlantic waters carried up on the tides. Around Nantes, market gardening and vines thrive. So too do major contemporary art installations in the landscape, thanks to the Estuaire project. The cycling is easy.

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Stages of « La Loire à Vélo from Angers to Nantes »

  • Angers / Bouchemaine

    Angers / Bouchemaine [8.8 km]

    In the heart of Anjou, this Loire à Vélo stage goes from opposite Angers’s central castle out via the green setting of the Lac de Maine. This urban stage is startling, avoiding motorized traffic, taking you through parkland and alongside the Maine River. Bouchemaine is great for a stop, for its typical quayside restaurants or a picnic beside the Loire.

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  • Bouchemaine / Chalonnes-sur-Loire

    Bouchemaine / Chalonnes-sur-Loire [16 km]

    Start at La Pointe, in a tremendous setting in the heart of Anjou, where the Maine River joins the Loire. A bit west, this magical Loire à Vélo stage allows you glimpses of the prestigious vine-covered slopes of Savennières. You follow the wild Loire closely here. Don’t miss Béhuard Island before going on to cross Chalonnes’s island.

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  • Chalonnes-sur-Loire / St-Florent-le-Vieil

    Chalonnes-sur-Loire / St-Florent-le-Vieil [28 km]

    This Loire à Vélo stage in Anjou crosses the startling island of Chalonnes, one of the largest on the Loire. Nearby, along the south bank, are the celebrated Coteaux du Layon vineyards, then the pretty perched villages of Montjean-sur-Loire and St-Florent-le-Vieil. The route is along quiet roads, cyclists able to make the most of the raised Loire-side levées and views across the islands.

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  • St-Florent-le-Vieil / Champtoceaux

    St-Florent-le-Vieil / Champtoceaux [24.5 km]

    From Mont Glonne, at the top of St-Florent-le-Vieil, with its great views of the Loire Valley, this Loire à Vélo stage goes on to Champtoceaux, an historic fortified site with further tremendous river views, standing on Anjou’s frontier with the Pays d’Ancenis on the north bank. It’s worth conquering the heights of St-Florent and Champtoceaux for the panoramas! The route is along quiet roads and greenways.

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  • Champtoceaux / Mauves-sur-Loire

    Champtoceaux / Mauves-sur-Loire [11.5 km]

    Welcome to the Basse-Loire, or Lower Loire and the county of Loire Atlantique. The importance of the Atlantic begins to be felt on this Loire à Vélo stage, as the ocean starts to exert more of an influence. The Loire islands, vine-covered slopes producing Muscadet wine and flat, very fertile market-gardening fields on the way to Nantes provide pleasingly varied landscapes. This Loire à Vélo stage proves interesting as well as easy.

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  • Mauves-sur-Loire / Nantes

    Mauves-sur-Loire / Nantes [19 km]

    Designated European Green Capital in 2013, the city of Nantes comes into view, a shaded towpath offering a gentle way into town. The new Tabarly Bridge leads over to L’île de Nantes, home to extraordinary outsized machines you can ride on, and to the Malakoff Quarter, being completely renovated. This island makes for a great introduction to the joyous tumult of the largest city along the Loire à Vélo cycle route.

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  • Itinéraire vélo Layon-Aubance des Ponts-de-Cé à Thouarcé

    Itinéraire vélo Layon-Aubance des Ponts-de-Cé à Thouarcé [31 km]

    Leaving from Les Ponts-de-Cé, beside the Loire just south of Angers, this stage takes you meandering through the Aubance Valley vineyards. Discover beautiful, typical Anjou houses and windmills along the way. The village of Brissac and its vast castle make for a pleasing stop before continuing to the Layon Valley at Thouarcé.

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  • Itinéraire Layon-Aubance à vélo de Thouarcé à Chalonnes-sur-Loire

    Itinéraire Layon-Aubance à vélo de Thouarcé à Chalonnes-sur-Loire [27.5 km]

    In the heart of the lovely Coteaux du Layon et de l’Aubance vineyards, the route follows the meanders of the Layon River closely, going along a disused railway line. After the village of Thouarcé, cross the picturesque winemakers’ villages of Rablay-sur-Layon, St-Aubin-de-Luigné and Chaudefonds-sur-Layon. Take in the lovely houses, grape-pickers’ huts and lime ovens, plus the historic locks of the Canal de Monsieur, and Pont Barré, closely associated with the bitter anti-Revolutionary Guerres de Vendée.

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