© A. Lamoureux
Piste cyclable le long de la Maine à Angers © J. Damase – Maine-et-Loire
Pont sur la Loire à vélo - La Chapelle Basse-Mer © © J. Damase
Pique-nique à vélo sur les bords de Loire - Champtoceaux © J. Damase
9 randonnées à découvrir au départ de Nantes

The Loire by bike from Angers to Nantes

Canals & intimate rivers
Short trip
I begin / Family

105 km as close as possible to the Loire

This EuroVelo 6 section, shared with the Loire à Vélo route, goes through western Anjou, with its many rivers and wetlands, then into the Pays Nantais and the great city of Nantes. After Ancenis, the Loire broadens, its valley widens and its fresh waters mix with salty Atlantic waters carried up on the tides. Around Nantes, market gardening and vines thrive. So too do major contemporary art installations in the landscape, thanks to the Estuaire project. The cycling is easy.


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