Cyclists on the banks of the Loire in Le Thoureil © J. Damase – Maine-et-Loire
Toues sur la Loire à Thoureil © J. Damase – Maine-et-Loire
Vélo en bord de Loire à Saumur © J. Damase – Maine-et-Loire

La Loire by bike from Saumur to Angers

Canals & intimate rivers
Short trip
I begin / Family

65 km route between Saumur and Angers

In Anjou, going from Saumur to Angers, this Loire by bike section offers an intense concentration of Loire delights, with its river islands, the vine-covered slopes around Saumur and subterranean caves put to many uses, including mushroom-growing, not forgetting the lovely Authion River. Plus, once a year, the area celebrates vintage style with panache. This section is unforgettable, the cycling easy.


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