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La Vélodyssée, Pontivy - Nantes

  • 222 km

Brittany’s section of La Velodyssée® (or Velodyssey) – also on the French part of the much longer EuroVelo 1 Route linking Roscoff to Hendaye – follows the Canal de Nantes à Brest along a fair stretch. This canal, with its 238 locks and many works of art, is considered one of 19th-century France’s greatest technological feats. It crosses contrasting landscapes, from the gentle flats around Nantes and the Redon marshes to the Monts d’Arrée hills, and also passes historic towns like Blain, Redon and Pontivy.

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Stages of « La Vélodyssée, Pontivy - Nantes »

  • Pontivy / Rohan

    Pontivy / Rohan [24.2 km]

    A section of La Vélodyssée with a dedicated cycle path and one rich in waterway heritage: 54 locks and the Rigole d’Hilvern, which epitomises the huge hydraulic complexity of the work required when constructing the canal. Of particular interest are the numerous tree species which, between them, provide very welcome shade from the sun.

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  • Rohan / Josselin

    Rohan / Josselin [24 km]

    At the heart of the Rohan Country, this is a very pleasant stage on La Vélodyssée with designated lanes. Shortly after Rohan, don’t miss out on the essential detour past Timadeuc Abbey. The impressive fortress, moored to its rocky platform, comes into view as we head towards Josselin.

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  • Josselin / Malestroit

    Josselin / Malestroit [25.8 km]

    There is a medieval feel to this stage of La Vélodyssée, both in Malestroit and in Josselin with their timber-framed houses and narrow streets. Called “the Pearl of the Oust”, Malestroit readily opens up its treasures to curious pedestrians.

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  • Malestroit / Peillac

    Malestroit / Peillac [20.1 km]

    A pretty stage on a designated track of La Vélodyssée through a sinuous valley of the Oust with the foothills of the Landes and Lanvaux as a backdrop. After passing the confluence with the Claie, St Congard and the Guélin Lock provide very welcome breaks.

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  • Peillac / Redon

    Peillac / Redon [17.1 km]

    The area of Île-aux-Pies, with its almost Mediterranean feel – pine trees and rocky peaks – brings a chic ambience to this section of La Vélodyssée. In Redon, at the crossroads called La Croix-des-Marins, the Oust entwines with the Vilaine; take care not to get lost…

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  • Redon / Guenrouët

    Redon / Guenrouët [22.6 km]

    Staying close to the Brière and the confluence of the Isac and the Vilaine, this stage of La Vélodyssée follows the river at water level. Keep your ears and eyes open for the host of different animal species which populate the surrounding marshes.

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  • Guenrouët / Blain

    Guenrouët / Blain [22.5 km]

    A magnificent section of La Vélodyssée which alternately twists and turns, with hedgerows, hillsides and copses to each side - sometimes even little pine forests - before reaching Barel Lock. Following cycle paths right to the heart of Blain.

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  • Blain / Nort-sur-Erdre

    Blain / Nort-sur-Erdre [23.6 km]

    This is the last, very easy going and enjoyable stage of La Vélodyssée along the Nantes to Brest canal. The Bout-de-Bois Pond or the Chevallerais woods make two very timely stops for weary cyclists.

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  • Nort-sur-Erdre / Nantes

    Nort-sur-Erdre / Nantes [35.1 km]

    Quiheix’s second lock marks the end of the Nantes to Brest canal towpath. Gradually you return to the hustle and bustle of urban life during this stage of La Vélodyssée, alternating rural routes with sections of the greenway and the charming Sucé-sur-Erdre crossing - a very comfortable stopping point.

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