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Le Tour de Manche, Roscoff-Mont St-Michel

  • 423 km

The Roscoff - Mont-Saint-Michel route is an integral part of the EuroVelo 4. This route has a strong maritime flavour, going along Brittany’s north coast, and makes up a section of the enchanting cross-Channel Tour de Manche cycle route. Brittany part of this cycling route offers various marine countryside: Dinard, Cap Frehel, Bay of Saint Brieuc, Côte de Granit Rose, Morlaix bay ...

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Stages of « Le Tour de Manche, Roscoff-Mont St-Michel »

  • Mont-Saint-Michel / Le Vivier-sur-Mer

    Mont-Saint-Michel / Le Vivier-sur-Mer [28.8 km]

    There’s so much to look for and appreciate as you cycle along this section – the Couesnon River, the Mont itself, the marshes, polders, historic St. Anne’s chapel, the charming village of Cherrueix, (famous for sand yachting) then the Cherrueix windmills – and then into the famous ‘oyster port’ of Vivier sur Mer.

    Difficulty: family View details
  • Le Vivier-sur-Mer / Cancale

    Le Vivier-sur-Mer / Cancale [20.1 km]

    This part of the route, which has the beautiful bay as a backdrop, takes you from one shellfish haven to another: Vivier sur Mer today is still host to many families working and trading with shellfish, while Cancale is hugely popular with tourists for its mussel beds, restaurants and oyster vendors.

    Difficulty: expert View details
  • Cancale / St-Malo

    Cancale / St-Malo [18.7 km]

    You pass through the peaceful village of St. Coulomb and along charming narrow lanes through farmland with distinctive, protected hedges. The rock sculptures of Rotheneuf were created by a hermit priest. Soon St Malo’s battlements are in sight: look out for the wooden stakes on the beach, serving as groynes.

    Difficulty: expert View details
  • St-Malo / Pleslin-Trigavou by the Rance valley

    St-Malo / Pleslin-Trigavou by the Rance valley [26.2 km]

    With its enchanting string of seaside resorts, this Tour de Manche stage exudes a feeling of classic seaside holidays, emphasized by Dinard’s splendid coastal villas. Le Passeur, a seabus linking St-Malo to Dinard, allows cyclists to cross the waters by boat here. The attractive rural heritage and a link to St-Jacut-de-la-Mer add to the delights.

    Difficulty: Intermediate View details
  • Pleslin-Trigavou / Matignon

    Pleslin-Trigavou / Matignon [25.5 km]

    Été 2017 : Afin d'éviter le passage par le barrage de la Rance, une modification du tracé par la vallée de la Rance et le pont Saint Hubert a été effectuée. Suivez le balisage EV4 / Tour de Manche depuis Saint Malo ou Pleslin-Trigavou.

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  • Matignon / Erquy

    Matignon / Erquy [29 km]

    Here, you leave the sea behind, the route taking you through typical Breton countryside and hamlets. Sea views are few, but the link to Cap Fréhel and the tremendous panorama from the cliffs there make up for your brief separation from the Channel. Erquy, a port known as Brittany’s scallop-fishing capital, makes for a fine gastronomic stop.

    Difficulty: Intermediate View details
  • Erquy / Yffiniac

    Erquy / Yffiniac [29.2 km]

    On this stage of the Tour de Manche, relish splendid sea views, plus the odd creek accessible to cyclists. After Pléneuf-Val-André, don’t miss the cute, hidden port of Dahouët. This stage involves steep slopes; the terrain helps explain how local cycling legend Bernard Hinault triumphed in the Tour de France! In short, a stage for strong cyclists.

    Difficulty: expert View details
  • Yffiniac / St-Brieuc

    Yffiniac / St-Brieuc [8.2 km]

    On this, the shortest stage of the Tour de Manche, make for Le Gouët’s estuary. The route sticks to the Bay of Saint-Brieuc’s Nature Reserve. Red brick adds its tinge to the area. Take in the Brick Museum at St-Ilan, Cesson Tower and the view of the bascule bridge.

    Difficulty: Intermediate View details
  • St-Brieuc / Binic

    St-Brieuc / Binic [18.1 km]

    This stage of the Tour de Manche takes you up to the seaside resort of Binic, where the marina has been charmingly integrated into the town. Note the two major slopes to tackle going from St-Brieuc, but the Parfond du Gouët Viaduct and the greenway above Binic’s port make the hard physical effort worthwhile. This stage is for seasoned cyclists.

    Difficulty: expert Favourite View details
  • Binic / Plouha

    Binic / Plouha [17.1 km]

    This is a Tour de Manche stage that gives a typical flavour of the north Breton coast, with some tough slopes thrown in. There’s a string of seaside resorts with lovely sea views, the fascinating fishing harbour at St-Quay-Portrieux and wild cliffs around Plouha. Don’t miss the enchanting setting of Le Palus Beach. This stage is for expert cyclists.

    Difficulty: expert View details
  • Plouha / Paimpol

    Plouha / Paimpol [24.2 km]

    This stage of the Tour de Manche is very scenic, taking you along the cliff route above Bréhec Cove, affording some wonderful sea views. Near the end, admire magnificent Beauport Abbey before arriving at the port of Paimpol, with its historic shipowners’ houses and charming lanes. The route is relatively flat, for intermediate-level cyclists.

    Difficulty: Intermediate View details
  • Paimpol / Tréguier

    Paimpol / Tréguier [20.7 km]

    The atmosphere is deeply rural on this stage of the Tour de Manche. You only see the sea at Paimpol, but enjoy splendid vistas onto the Trieux Valley, nr. Lézardrieux, and onto the Jaudy Valley, nr. Tréguier. The last, designated a Petite Cité de Caractère, is the charming historic capital of the Trégor area. A stage for intermediate-level cyclists.

    Difficulty: Intermediate View details
  • Tréguier / Perros-Guirec

    Tréguier / Perros-Guirec [23.4 km]

    Rural life dominates on this stage of the Tour de Manche, lined by farms and cabbage fields. To take in the sea, you have to tackle the hills characteristic of this stretch of Breton coast, lined by deep little valleys. The links to Port-Blanc and Le Royo Beach are very worthwhile. The link to Perros-Guirec is a must to admire this stylish resort.

    Difficulty: Intermediate View details
  • Perros-Guirec / Trébeurden

    Perros-Guirec / Trébeurden [23.6 km]

    This splendid stage of the Tour de Manche takes you along the ‘pink corniche’, a route providing magical sea views and vistas down on tempting beaches – it’s hard to resist taking a dip in the creeks around rocky Le Castel Point. The only negative on this picture-postcard stage is that it requires a good level of fitness, given some steep slopes.

    Difficulty: expert Favourite View details
  • Trébeurden / Lannion

    Trébeurden / Lannion [13.2 km]

    You head for the flowery banks of the Léguer Valley on this penultimate stage of the Tour de Manche in the département (county) of Côtes d’Armor. From the cliff route, enjoy the many ‘windows’ onto the sea. Despite two steep slopes, one to reach Trémeur Point, the other in Lannion’s Brélévenez Quarter, this stage is suitable for family outings.

    Difficulty: family View details
  • Lannion / Plestin-les-Grèves

    Lannion / Plestin-les-Grèves [24.4 km]

    After Lannion, this final Tour de Manche stage in Côtes d’Armor provides plunging views from the cliff above St-Michel-en-Grève, then takes you down along vast St-Michel Beach. Beyond Plestin-les-Grèves, entering the neighbouring county of Finistère, the route isn’t laid out yet – return to Lannion for a train to Morlaix, or follow small roads west.

    Difficulty: Intermediate View details
  • Plestin-les-Grèves / Plougasnou

    Plestin-les-Grèves / Plougasnou [19 km]

    You enter the county of Finistère via the beautiful seaside resort of Locquirec. Take in the great beach at the back of the bay, the Pointe du Château headland, and the port. Continue along the steep, wild coast, taking in magnificent views onto a whole series of protected creeks. Before Plougasnou, visit the atmospheric church enclosure at Saint-Jean-du-Doigt.

    Difficulty: expert View details
  • Plougasnou / Morlaix

    Plougasnou / Morlaix [26 km]

    From the small town of Plougasnou, continuing along the coast, the magnificent Bay of Morlaix comes into view, with its rocky headlands and numerous islands, including those protecting a bird reserve, the Ile Louët, and that crowned by the Château du Taureau. If you’re a fan of oysters, try them at the picturesque port of Le Dourduff-en-Mer. Then head upriver to the historic town of Morlaix.

    Difficulty: Intermediate View details
  • Morlaix / Roscoff

    Morlaix / Roscoff [30.8 km]

    In season, this stage awakens your sense of smell as you pass by the large vegetable fields around St-Pol-de-Léon, before reaching Roscoff. The views are wide from the open country roads and specially laid-out lanes leading you on towards the English leg of the Tour de Manche. This stage is suitable for intermediate-level cyclists.

    Difficulty: Intermediate Favourite View details